CASA programs throughout Georgia and nationwide are generating support for children in foster care. Standing for Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA programs galvanize and train community volunteers to provide best-interest advocacy for children experiencing foster care.

As communities and individuals see the positive outcomes for children and families in crisis with a CASA volunteer assigned to them, many people want to get involved and learn how they can be a part of this movement. If this describes you, look no further! Here are ten ways to support the mission of your local CASA program.


After completing a nationally developed training program, CASA volunteers are assigned to cases by their local juvenile court judge and receive ongoing support from local program staff. CASA volunteers visit the child in their group or foster home monthly, connect with educators and other service providers in the child’s life to gather information, write court reports detailing findings and giving recommendations, and so much more. This caring, committed, and consistent person helps provide the court with a bigger picture of the many factors in a child’s case. The volunteer role is a time commitment, but it is a rewarding one.

2. Donate

As with any non-profit organization, donations play a key part in supporting the mission. Whether it be empowering volunteer training or keeping the lights on at the office, each dollar is stewarded responsibly and allocated toward operations and programs. Your donation, no matter the size, helps provide essential resources such as training for CASA volunteers, support for families, and advocacy efforts. Your generosity directly contributes to positive outcomes for children in foster care, giving them a chance for a brighter future.

3. Join a Local Board

Joining the board of your local affiliate CASA Program allows you to provide strategic direction and leadership. Your skills and expertise can contribute to shaping the organization’s vision, expanding its reach, and improving its effectiveness in serving children in need. Board members play a pivotal role in guiding the organization’s growth and ensuring its sustainability.

4. Partner with Your Business

Businesses can have a significant impact by partnering with your local CASA Program. Collaborations can take various forms, such as hosting a community CASA info session, participating in awareness initiatives, or even posting signage about CASA at your business. Aligning your business with the mission of CASA not only showcases your corporate social responsibility but also directly supports positive change in your community.

5. Sponsor an Event

From clay shoots to 5Ks, affiliate programs across Georgia host a variety of fundraisers to raise awareness about the CASA mission. Sponsorships empower fundraising events to reach the broader community and elevate the event platform. Sponsors are often given unique opportunities to share their company with event attendees and connect with the CASA network on a deeper level. For many consumers, community-minded brands gain a stronger level of trust and loyalty, making event sponsorships a win-win strategy!

6. Engage on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness and rallying support. Engage with Georgia CASA and local affiliates’ social media accounts by sharing content, participating in campaigns, and starting conversations about the organization’s mission. Your online presence can help amplify the CASA message and attract more supporters.

7. Invite CASA to Your Meeting

Extend an invitation to CASA representatives to speak at your community or organizational meetings. Sharing the mission and impact of CASA with your church, Rotary Club, or other groups can lead to increased awareness and engagement. It’s an opportunity to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

8. Offer Staff Volunteer Time Off

If you’re an employer, consider implementing a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy that allows your employees to dedicate time to volunteer with their local CASA program or another organization that is dear to their hearts. This demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility and encourages your staff to actively participate in supporting the community.

9. Join Our E-mail List

By joining Georgia CASA’s email list, you stay informed about their latest updates, events, and success stories. This direct communication channel keeps you connected to the organization’s progress and enables you to respond promptly to calls for action, donations, or volunteer opportunities.

10. Be an Ambassador

Spread the word about Georgia CASA among your friends, family, and colleagues. Sharing information through word of mouth, emails, or social media can introduce more people to the cause and encourage them to support the organization’s efforts.

To learn more about the volunteer experience, the reach and impact of Georgia CASA, or to find your local CASA program, visit our website. We want everyone who is passionate about supporting children in foster care on their road to a stable and healthy adulthood to have an opportunity that fits them best. Whether that means becoming a CASA volunteer, attending an event, or sharing our mission on social media, we are here for it!

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