November is National Adoption Month. When reunification with a child’s family of origin is not possible, adoption can be a recommended outcome. Adoption Day holds significant importance for both children and families, marking the beautiful moment when a child finds a permanent home.

For children who have experienced foster care or group homes, it may be the case that some milestones have been missed along the way. CASA volunteers often want to help the new family unit commemorate Adoption Day. In this article, we present four heartfelt gift ideas to celebrate Adoption Day for a baby or child. These gifts not only symbolize love and support but also serve to provide childhood mementos of a period they may otherwise never have.

1. Quilt/Baby Blanket

A handmade quilt or personalized baby blanket makes for a cherished gift on Adoption Day. It can be crafted with care, incorporating fabrics and colors that hold sentimental value. Consider sewing the child’s initials, birth date, and the date of their Adoption Day into the quilt or blanket. This gift represents warmth, comfort, and a tangible reminder of the love and care surrounding the child’s journey into their new family.

2. Handprint/Footprint Framed

Capturing a baby’s handprint or footprint in a framed keepsake is a heartfelt way to commemorate their Adoption Day. You can use non-toxic ink or clay to create the prints and pair them with a meaningful quote or adoption-related message. This personalized memento serves as a timeless reminder of the child’s growth and the loving bond formed between the child and their new family.

3. Embroidered Prayer or Quote

An embroidered prayer or quote offers a unique and personalized gift idea for Adoption Day. Choose a prayer or quote that resonates with the child’s journey, such as one that celebrates love, family, or the strength of the adoption community. Incorporate the significant dates, including the child’s birth date and Adoption Day, into the embroidery. This gift serves as an uplifting reminder of the child’s unique path and the love that surrounds them.

4. Photoshoot Session

A professional photoshoot session captures precious moments and emotions, providing a lasting memory of Adoption Day. Hire a professional photographer experienced in family and adoption photography to capture the joy, love, and connection between the child and their adoptive family. The photos can be displayed in a special photo album or framed as a beautiful reminder of the day their family became complete.

Celebrating Adoption Day is an opportunity to honor the incredible journey of resilience for a child. These four gift ideas offer meaningful ways to commemorate this special occasion. By suggesting these heartfelt gifts, CASA volunteers and supporters can contribute to the joy and love surrounding Adoption Day while creating lasting memories for the child and their adoptive family.

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